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Formula 44 Spray



Now Available in two sizes!
Regular – 3.4 fl.oz./100 ml
Large – 8 fl.oz./236 ml

Formula 44 Spray is the second product developed by Dr. Hansen and the perfect compliment to our Formula 44 Ointment.  Formula 44 Spray contains the same antimicrobial and anti-fungal chlorhexidine found in our Formula 44 Ointment but is balanced with a lighter moisturizing oil phase.  Our proprietary blend is also included to promote re-growth of healthy tissue.  This dual-phase* spray allows for a lighter application and easier treatment of large areas.  Formula 44 Spray is also useful when needing to treat areas under blankets or on the hairiest of fetlocks, feathers, pony beards, or fluffy manes and tails.

Formula 44 Spray is recommended for stubborn equine skin conditions on the body, under blankets, or on areas with excess hair.  Best suited for application to rain rot, mud fever, pastern crud, funky feathers, scratches, fungus, and itchy manes and tails.

*Shake well

Made with ingredients that are safe for USEF and FEI competitions.