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Formula 44 Ointment



Formula 44 Ointment is an extremely versatile product that will become a staple your grooming box.  Prepared in a true ointment base, this product will form a protective barrier over your horse’s damaged skin and prevent stall, pasture, and arena crud from re-entering the wound.  This is an important quality that is often overlooked in equine products and one of the properties that makes Formula 44 Ointment stand out.  Formula 44 Ointment also contains chlorhexidine, a trusted and reliable antimicrobial and anti-fungal that is commonly used in veterinary and medical applications.  Additionally, Formula 44 Ointment contains a proprietary blend of ingredients that will moisturize and soothe to promote re-growth of healthy tissue.

Formula 44 Ointment is recommended for stubborn equine skin conditions on the body and especially legs.  This product is best suited for treatment of scratches, rain rot, dermatitis, cannon crud, pastern crud, fungus, cuts, scrapes and even dry, flaky skin.

Made with ingredients that are safe for USEF and FEI competitions.