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Formula 44 Product Bundle



Formula 44 products are Pharmacist Formulated and specifically developed to treat stubborn equine skin conditions.  This product bundle gives you the opportunity to try all 3 Formula 44 Products in one convenient package.  Formula 44 products contain chlorhexidine, a trusted antibacterial and anti-fungal used in many medical and veterinary products.  Treats scratches, mud fever, fungus, rain rot, dermatitis, dry skin, and much more!

Step 1:
Start with Formula 44 Shampoo, a luxurious lathering shampoo that is formulated to cleanse, treat, and prepare your horses’ skin for Step 2.  Formula 44 Shampoo can also be used to scrub legs during regular baths as a preventative treatment.

Step 2:
Dry thoroughly, and apply Formula 44 Ointment or Spray to the affected areas.  Both can be used interchangeably, however, Formula 44 Ointment is best for treatment on the legs or stubborn/resistant crud, whereas Formula 44 Spray is easier to apply to larger areas of the equine body, or when a lighter application is desired.