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About Us

Kristen and Moose

Meet our Pharmacist: Kristen Hansen, PharmD, RPh.

Kristen obtained her Doctorate of Pharmacy from Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in Albany, NY and is currently working as a Clinical Pharmacist at a large hospital in Cleveland, OH.  Before returning to Northeast Ohio, Kristen gained experience in veterinary compounding at Fallon’s Wellness Pharmacy in Saratoga Springs, NY. 

An avid equestrian since early childhood, Kristen has acquired valuable knowledge as a 4H member, volunteer for CANTER Ohio, and amateur equestrian owner.  Kristen currently competes in dressage and eventing on her 2012 Friesian-cross, My Dear Watson (Moose).

She also owns a 24 year old off-the-track Thoroughbred, Mon Treego Bay (Treego) who is currently enjoying his retirement. 

Dr. Hansen’s Equine Apothecary’s original product, Formula 44 Ointment, evolved out of necessity and creativity.  The necessity was Treego: a sensitive-skinned Thoroughbred with a mischievous personality.  Multiple products continued to fall short in effectively treating Treego’s rain rot, cannon crud, and never ending flesh wounds.  Tired of wasting money and time, Dr. Hansen decided to develop her own products by applying trusted pharmaceutical principles and techniques.  The results have been astonishing!  After 5 years of product development and field-testing, the opportunity arose for Dr. Hansen to offer her products to the equestrian market. 

Dr. Hansen is committed to producing high quality products that contain evidence-based ingredients and are formulated specifically for use on horses.  Each product is hand prepared by Dr. Hansen using the same techniques that she would use to prepare a human-grade compounded product.  Our mission is to produce high quality equine products that you can trust.