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Formula 44 Shampoo



Formula 44 Shampoo is the newest addition to the Formula 44 product line, and the first step in treating your horse’s skin conditions.  This medicated shampoo contains the same active ingredients as Formula 44 Ointment and Spray, including: chlorhexidine, a trusted antibacterial and anti-fungal product used to treat scratches, mud fever, cannon crud, fungus, rain rot, fungus, itchy tails, and much more.  Formula 44 Shampoo can also be used to scrub legs during regular baths for preventative purposes.  This shampoo provides a rich lather, making it easy to penetrate thick feathers and tails.  Formula 44 Shampoo also contains rich coconut, argan, aloe, and avocado oils to prevent stripping of moisture from the hair.  Rinse thoroughly, dry, and follow up with Formula 44 Ointment or Spray for the ultimate two-step treatment!